Real Meat Turkey Bacon VS MST "Bacon".

pinkslimeThere are big differences in brands of Turkey Bacon and, luckily for consumers, they're plain to see. Many of the biggest brands of so-called turkey bacon are mass produced from "mechanically separated turkey". This produces a material formed and colored resemble bacon. One look at Godshall's Real Meat Turkey Bacon shows the difference. It looks like meat because it is turkey thigh meat. It also smells like bacon because Godshall's is real wood smoked, not pumped up with chemical flavors…go ahead, look at our ingredients panel, we promise it's a real quick read!

  • Sustainability: “Green” Bacon and New Solar Field at New Distribution Center

    We recently opened our newest Location, Godshall’s Distribution Center, to keep up with demand. Along with the vast cold storage and office facilities, we’ve installed hundreds of new solar panels, both on our roof and in an array on the field behind the new building. Along with aggressive recycling and zero landfill programs, these solar panels are part of our “Healthier You, Healthier Planet” philosophy.

  • WMMR Preston & Steve’s Camp Out for Hunger 2016

    Godshall’s participated in WMMR’s Preston & Steve Campout for Hunger for second straight year at Xfinity Live in Philadelphia! On Wednesday November 30th, Godshall’s served breakfast to hundreds of fans who came out in the pouring rain with donations to support Philabundance. Godshall’s also donated dozens of cases full of snack sticks, jerky and fully cooked bacon!

  • Go Big or Go Home

    A Family of Artisan Butchers Goes for Taste-bud Gold!


    Godshall’s Quality Meats (GQM Inc.) faced a dilemma most producers would love to have. A popular flagship SKU, whose following was beyond loyal; evangelizing the brand on social media. Godshall’s was so busy keeping up with the ever-expanding demand for Turkey, Maple Turkey, Chicken and Beef Bacons, that many of the family’s cherished recipes never got a chance to be shared.

    But that’s about to change!

    Starting in Q4 2016, Godshall’s is rolling out a shopping-cart full of delicious specialties that are aimed straight for the flavor and clean label preferences of modern consumers.

    First up are CRUMBLZ, a line of all-natural, uncured, Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon Crumbles with Bold Flavors like Chili Lime, BBQ, and Smoky. Too exciting for just salads, CRUMBLZ pack enough smoked, seasoned zing to make a perfect ingredient for pizzas, wraps, sauces, pastas, soups and center plate pleasers!

    Next are a line of five ALL Natural, Fully cooked and delightfully seasoned turkey breasts. From Cranberry and Maple Apple, to Peppercorn Honey, Cuban Spice and BBQ Seasoning, these turkey breasts are ready to enjoy right out of the package or served…