Real Meat Turkey Bacon VS MST "Bacon".

pinkslimeThere are big differences in brands of Turkey Bacon and, luckily for consumers, they're plain to see. Many of the biggest brands of so-called turkey bacon are mass produced from "mechanically separated turkey". This produces a material formed and colored resemble bacon. One look at Godshall's Real Meat Turkey Bacon shows the difference. It looks like meat because it is turkey thigh meat. It also smells like bacon because Godshall's is real wood smoked, not pumped up with chemical flavors…go ahead, look at our ingredients panel, we promise it's a real quick read!

  • Godshall’s Partners With Chef Joshua Tepperberg

    Chef Joshua Tepperberg is a creative culinary personality who is known for putting his signature worldly spin on traditional flavors. His love of international cuisine and deep appreciation for nature’s finest ingredients are the foundation of his unique cooking style-which he describes as Global Soul. Inspired by his affinity for the exotic fare he’s sampled on various voyages across the world, Joshua launched his personal chef and catering business in 2006. Focusing on his “from the ground up” philosophy, Joshua creates all of his marinades, spice rubs and batter mixtures from scratch using natural ingredients. His delectable blends took on a larger-than-life identity of their own, and upon observing his technique with seasonings one extremely satisfied customer proclaimed him “Dr. Marinade” and the moniker stuck ever since.Joshua’s coveted recipes became the toast of NYC and he quickly developed a reputation as the go-to-guy for mouthwatering meals that leave guests buzzing long after their last bite. Solely through word of mouth, Tepperberg’s client base expanded and “Dr. Marinade” began making frequent house calls throughout the big apple and beyond. The “Doctor” has developed a cult-like following amongst the A-list set with a fan…

  • Godshall’s Partners With Chef Jack McDavid

    Godshall’s Quality Meats is pleased to announce our affiliation with Chef Jack McDavid. Familiar to viewers from his countless appearances on National Culinary programs, including Grillin’ and Chillin’ with his co-host Bobby Flay and Taste of the NFL, McDavid’s trademark denim and relaxed gentlemanly demeanor are his trademarks, known coast to coast. While National Celebrity and recognition has made Chef McDavid an icon, his dedication remains to locally sourced, fresh foods and honest American flavors.

    “We couldnt imagine a better fit for our farm fresh meats and real wood smoked flavors than Chef McDavid” said Ron Godshall. For his part, Chef McDavid was already a customer, buying Godshall’s for his restaurants, Jack’s Firehouse and the Downhome Diner.

    Look for future appearances, guest spots and more, all featuring Chef Jack McDavid and the flavors and products of Godshall’s Quality Meats.

  • Godshall’s is Growing… Responsibly!

    We’re thrilled that people who try Godshall’s products seem to always become regular Godshall’s customers. That loyalty has heralded a period of unprecedented growth for us, and we’re building to meet that demand!

    But the cornerstone of Godshall’s success has always been our core values. values that include a belief in stewardship of natural resources. To that end, we are expanding our solar collection field to over 1638 Panels with a CO2 offset of over 319 tons annually.

    Godshall’s has also committed to the use of SWS, Sustainable Waste Solutions, an environmentally friendly waste handler. That means every bit of the minimal waste we generate is recycled or turned into energy. These state of the art technologies keep us landfill free.

    From robotic washers that recycle water to replacing gasoline and oil with clean burning natural gas, Godshall’s is pursuing a healthier you AND a healthier world.