Retail Products

  • 4.2 oz Uncured Turkey Bacon CRUMBLZ

    Flavorful All Natural Uncured Turkey Bacon CRUMBLZ. Perfect on salads, pizzas, sauces, soups, dips, sandwiches, wraps, stir…

  • 12 oz. Turkey Bacon

    A delicious, real meat alternative to pork bacon. Gluten Free and 94% Fat Free. Real Select Wood…

  • 12 oz. Maple Turkey Bacon

    Real Wood Smoked and the rich “Good
    Morning” taste of Traditional Maple Flavor.
    Gluten Free and still 94% Fat…

  • 3 oz. Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon

    The same Real Meat Bacon taste.
    Ready In Seconds! Gluten Free & 60% less fat than USDA data…

  • 10 oz. Uncured Turkey Bacon

    An all natural and delicious real meat alternative to pork bacon. No nitrates or nitrates added except…

  • 8 oz. Canadian Brand Turkey Bacon

    Real turkey thighs cured for that perfect Canadian Bacon taste. Perfect for breakfast sandwiches! Gluten Free & 94%…

  • 16 oz. Turkey Scrapple

    A delicious alternative to pork
    scrapple. Lower in carbs and no MSG.


    Allergen: Wheat

  • 12 oz. Beef Bacon

    A flavorful, beef alternative to pork bacon. Real Select Wood Smoked. Only 6 ingredients! …

  • 8 oz. Chicken Bacon

    A Crisp, classic bacon flavor. Made with
    lean chicken thighs. 60% Less fat than
    USDA data for pork bacon!…