• When Pigs Fly… Half the Fat and All the Flavor of Pork Roll.

    Every man and woman has their last frontier, the moment when they stand toe to toe with their doctor and invoke the ‘Quality of life’ defense. That last appallingly unhealthy food that they simply will not live without. The food they’ll excise from their diet “when pigs fly”. For more than a few folks from the Philadelphia/ New Jersey area, that item is pork roll.

    And now, pigs fly…arriving via Montgomery County.

    They’re coming in the form of Godshall’s Turk Roll, a product that looks, cooks,smells and tastes exactly the same as that classic Taylor Ham, but is turkey based. Turk Roll boasts 50% less fat and 40% less sodium than its pork counter-part. It’s no wonder that Godshall’s would produce the grail of healthy unhealthy foods, their Turkey Bacon is the staple of many pork bacon ex patriots, and their turkey scrapple may be the only scrapple whose ingredients list doesn’t act as a deterrent to consumption.

    “It’s the product of several years of trial and error, getting those spices and flavors right” says Ron Godshall, Vice President of Manufacturing at Godshall’s Quality Meats. “We didn’t want to settle for ‘close enough’ , our research told us that pork roll consumers wouldn’t switch for a merely passable substitute, the loyalty is just that fierce.”

    Sold in the recognizable 8 slice box that even looks like its less cardiac- friendly counterpart, Godshall’s Pork Roll fries up with the classic one or four slits to prevent cupping of the meat as it cooks.Fans of the delicacy can sleep just a little better, with visions of a healthier breakfast filling their dreams.