Perfect for Stop-lights & Bus Stops:

Breakfast Eggrolls

6 large eggs plus One egg White
8 slices of Godshall’s Real Wood Smoked Turkey Bacon
1 scallion
Salt and pepper to taste
8oz. Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Shredded
6 large Egg Roll Wraps
Cooking oil

Dice fine and cook Bacon, set aside in bowl
Whisk eggs
Whisk egg white in small bowl
Prepare scrambled eggs and set aside on bowl
Place grated cheddar into fourth bowl and put bowls around cutting board or prep surface.
Take out first egg roll skin.
Place on surface with South Point facing you, north pointing away
Place a heaping tablespoon of diced bacon into slightly lower middle area of skin, place horizontally from left to right with 1.5 inches or more clear on East and West.
Place a modest handful of cheese aver the bacon, again east to west
Place about 1 egg worth of scrambled egg in the same fashion
Take South point of skin and fold up over the contents, tuck and roll tight to the east and west points, then stop
Using your clean finger or a glaze brush, paint the east and west points to about 2” in with egg white
Paint egg white along the edge of the triangle of the North point.
Fold the east and west points in to the middle of the roll, the egg white should act as a paste to hold and seal the points down.
Continue rolling upward tightly and press the North point down to seal.
Set aside, not touching on a nonstick sprayed sheet of tin foil.
Heat Cooking oil in a deep pan to Med High. When a drop of water pops and dissolves quickly, the oil is ready.
Using metal tongs, place egg rolls into the hot oil, turn quickly to insure that they do not burn. Rotate until all sides are a golden brown and remove to paper towel
Allow a minute to cool and serve alone or with a mango or cranberry dip