Employee Owned

Godshall’s is more than just a team, we’re a family. Nothing exemplifies this more than our move to employee ownership. Our CEO, Mark Godshall, followed the success of other Employee Owned companies with great interest, intrigued by the ways it could ensure not only our independence, but expand our unique culture, providing a way for employees to share in the success they create. Generously using a portion of his shares to get the program started, Godshall's began conversion to an employee owned company in March 2017. Today, all employees over 21 years of age are enrolled after completing their first year of service. As of the end of 2019, Godshall’s was proud to announce just under 300 employee owners.

“ESOP really solidifies the team culture we have always promoted. Godshall’s has always preferred to build by promoting from within, grooming leadership and empowering folks to do their best. When we do look to hire from outside, ESOP is a great selling tool for prospective candidates. After three years of employee ownership we are committed to the ESOP concept and intend to increase the ESOP portion of ownership in the future. We believe that this demonstrates our commitment to our employees and the company as a whole.” Employee Ownership, just another part of the Godshall’s difference.

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