Godshall’s Quality Meats has been awarded the title of Independent Processor of the Year for 2017 by an industry standard publication, The National Provisioner, and will be featured as the cover story on its supplement, Independent Processor this August. The award recognizes the best in American producers of meat and poultry.

Godshall’s was founded in 1945 and has been a family business for over 70 years. From its beginnings as the “Mill Road Butcher”, Godshall’s has grown to an international supplier of meat delicacies; proudly at the center of American families’ plates from coast to coast. Godshall’s produces a wide variety of products with healthier proteins and recipes as a specialty in both branded and private label offerings.

“We couldn’t be more excited,” Mark Godshall CEO explained, “This is an honor. We’re humbled that the editors thought that what makes us different, makes us worthy of this title.” Some of those differences include the company’s fields of over 4,000 solar modules, their exemplary record of cleanliness, an aggressive “zero landfill” recycling policy, and, most recently, Godshall’s announced program to become an employee owned company. Asked about his decision to make the company he built with his family employee owned, Mark doesn’t hesitate, “I saw this as the best way to preserve the way we do things, to keep what makes us successful in place, the polar opposite of companies whose employees fear succession. Beside which, I’ve always viewed these people who work so hard and share my passion as family.”

Innovation was another factor in the choice of Godshall’s. COO Ron Godshall tells us “We developed our flagship; real meat, real wood smoked turkey bacon, but we’ve never stopped innovating, incrementally or exponentially. Several of our favorite projects are coming to fruition in 2017. We’re rolling out very uniquely flavored, all natural meat snack lines, a gourmet line of uncured, thick cut, stacked, flavored pork bacons, recipe and salad focused flavored turkey bacon crumbles and spiced turkey breasts. Perhaps most popular, we’re making our Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon all natural, throwing out all the artificial preservatives, but keeping the price the same!”

No explanation of Godshall’s would be complete without underscoring the values that have been at the center of their success. “We’re obliged to do it right. We don’t make anything we wouldn’t be proud to serve our families.” Floyd Kratz explains, “Godshall’s is a company of people who work hard and don’t cut corners. And we do it with an extraordinary shared sense of purpose, having a really good time making terrific products. Our size and scale have changed, but our values have held steady.” That’s high praise from an owner that usually arrives before the sun and doesn’t wrap up until it sets.

Ron Godshall says it best, “This honor is just the bacon on the sundae of a year of just unprecedented growth. We are grateful for this recognition.”