Pot Stickers with a Savory Twist:

Ginger Bacon Gyozas

1 package 12oz. Godshall’s Turkey Bacon
1 pound ground Chicken (or pork, venison, or ground shrimp)
3 scallions(roots cut off)
1Ž4 cup of finely grated Ginger or Galangal
1 Carrot grated very fine (optional)
1Ž4 pound firm or smoked firm tofu (grated ground or diced very fine)
Package of at least 24 small dumpling skins (round or square)

Pre-Heat oil in a pan or a sprayed griddle to medium high
Grate ginger (and carrot)
Dice fine the cooked bacon, scallions, and tofu pieces
Combine thoroughly with ground meat
With a small clean kitchen brush, paint around the outer edge of the wonton skin.
Place a neatly rounded teaspoon of the mixed filling into each skin and fold closed, pressing the lightly damp edges until they adhere.
Transfer to pan or griddle
Flip when each side begins to become golden brown and remove when both sides are cooked.
Serve with Hoisin, gyoza sauce, sweet chilli, or soy with a bit of brown sugar in it
Garnish with lime