Godshall’s Quality Meats (GQM Inc.) announced the promotion of Ron Godshall to Company President. Godshall currently holds the position of COO and will continue those duties in addition to serving in the new role.

“Ron joined the company in 1984 as a part time employee, and I doubt there’s a job here he hasn’t done” explains Mark Godshall, whose new role as Chairman of the Board of Directors will allow him to spend more time traveling with his wife, Kendall. “Ron was with Godshall’s during our early farm market days and has been integral to our growth; reaching wider and wider audiences across the country, and now, internationally.”

The advantage of literally working up the ladder is that Godshall knows the products and procedures better than anyone. His eye for the future is grounded in a hands-on knowledge of what the company does best and what it can offer moving into the 21st century. Demonstrative of this edge is Ron’s supervision of the creation of Godshall’s state of the art Research and Development Center. An entire production facility in prototype scale, the R&D unit makes Godshall’s a nimble, responsive player, both in experimenting with the next innovative flavor product, and in incubating great private label and co-pack opportunities. All while keeping production lines at optimal productivity.

“I’d like us to offer the best of both worlds, superior freshness from ultra-modern production facilities and niche company attention to customer’s requirements and taste. Doing more, and doing it better than anyone, is how we aim to stay competitive.”