A Tradition of Wholesome American Made Food

Godshall’s Quality Meats began as a small butcher shop in 1945 serving local families the best and freshest meats. Soon, Godshall’s grew into a thriving as a regional brand in farmer’s markets. The popularity of our quality, taste and service led to expansion with a particular focus on producing healthy, wood smoked food where flavor comes naturally. Our real wood smoked Turkey Bacon became our best-selling item and is available in thousands of stores and online with devoted fans from coast to coast.

In 2017, we became an employee-owned company, and today we have over 500 team members from diverse backgrounds who all share in the success of the organization through our Employee Stock Ownership Program.

Godshall’s makes a delicious portfolio of wholesome bacons and meat delicacies that are enjoyed by families across America. We haven’t forgotten what made us such a popular small town butcher, and almost 80 years later, our dedication to great taste and quality is reflected in everything we do.

We pride ourselves on quality, freshness and taste of our food. And it all starts on the farm – the land and the animals. The welfare of both is a responsibility we take to heart because we care about the world we live in. Our team of employee-owners are constantly striving to bring wholesome products to market and our Culinary & Development team is always hard at work bringing you what’s next in delicious.

So, if you’re ready for mouthwatering, premium US raised turkey bacon, beef bacon and chicken or pork delicacies for a good value, look no further than Godshall’s. We hope your family enjoys our food as much as we love producing it for you.

We Love Bacon as Much as You Do!

Godshall’s Green Initiatives



Water Reduction

Clean Burning Natural Gas

We’re thrilled that people who try Godshall’s products seem to always become regular Godshall’s customers. That loyalty has heralded a period of unprecedented growth for us, and we’re building to meet that demand!

But the cornerstone of Godshall’s success has always been our core values. Values that include a belief in stewardship of natural resources. To that end, we are expanding our solar collection field to over 4,000 Panels with a CO2 offset of over 2,346 tons annually.

Godshall’s has also committed to the use of SWS, Sustainable Waste Solutions, an environmentally friendly waste handler. That means every bit of the minimal waste we generate is recycled or turned into energy. These state of the art technologies keep us landfill free.

From robotic washers that recycle water to replacing gasoline and oil with clean burning natural gas, Godshall’s is pursuing a healthier you AND a healthier world.

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