Private Labeling

What’s in a name? Maybe, plenty! If your name has an expectation of quality and freshness from a legion of loyal consumers, sourcing Godshall’s for private label meat specialties is your best choice. Whether you want a particular recipe variation, dietary component or want to offer our tested favorites under your store brand name, Godshall’s has the experience in private label to deliver what your customers have come to expect.

Godshall’s will produce the product, package to industry standards and get it to you, so your customers can enjoy Godshall’s quality and enhance the reputation you’ve built with your customer base. Call or email us with your needs and specifications!

Research & Development

2018 began a year of extraordinary growth at Godshall’s with the implementation of a 7,500 square foot R&D center at our Souderton location.

“It’s more of a miniature production facility, we can do literally anything at an experimental batch scale” explains COO Ron Godshall. “the benefit is two-fold; we don’t interrupt the flow of even one production line to make a new item or recipe. And we have a facility whose sole focus is innovation on both the incremental and transformative scale. It allows us to keep doing what made us a leader while devoting our other facilities to delivering the volumes required to service America’s largest retailers!”

Godshall’s Director of Food Science, Dr. Reshani Senevirathne expands: “We believe our R&D center will benefit transformational projects. Our state-of-the-art instruments are uniquely enabling us towards such ventures along with critical analysis of product segments and the evolution of customer demographics. This also needs out-of-the box creative ideas and to relentlessly challenge ourselves to make the “new” that delights consumer’s senses. At the forefront of transformational process, we need to show the customer what they have been missing and create markets. Our goal is to be a leader in the international processed meat industry. We focus on clean label; simple ingredient deck with minimal processing.”

Ron Godshall: ”Some companies accept change, some even embrace it, one of the keys of our culture at Godshall’s is that we seek change out. This facility is the bridge between healthier, tastier ideas and a constantly changing consumer landscape.”

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