A Tradition of Wholesome American Made Food

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Since 1945, Godshall’s has been dedicated to supplying premium meat specialty items to family tables everywhere. From a local family butcher shop to an international supplier, we pride ourselves on our quality, freshness and taste. And it all starts on the farm–the land and the animals. The welfare of both is a responsibility we take to heart because we care about the world we live in.

Our team of employee owners are constantly striving to bring wholesome products to market and our Culinary & Development team is always hard at work bringing you what’s next in delicious—like our real-wood burning smokehouses. So, if you’re ready for premium US raised turkey, beef, chicken or pork delicacies for a good value and a good price, look no further.


A History of Quality


Our founder Marvin K. Godshall in front of the original meat production plant behind the family home in Telford, Pennsylvania.

The Godshall family - 1950s


The family at their home in front of the meat plant and butcher shop which is still used today.

Our founder Marvin K. Godshall in front of the original meat production plant behind the family home


Word of our fantastic homemade meat products spreads and we expand our assortment of specialty meats and sausages.

Old time delivery truck


Demand for our products grows and the Godshall’s brand becomes synonymous with quality meats.

1970's aerial shot of the family farm


The company expands its meat processing plant behind the family home and the phrase “homemade” is taken to the next level.

a 1980's retail deli counter


Godshall’s continues to thrive and produces a growing range of premium meat delicacies.

sausage production


Now in their 3rd generation of their family leadership. Mark Godshall (Chairman) with Ron Godshall, the company’s future President hand make premium sausages.

2005 - Godshall’s acquires the historic Weaver Bologna Co


Godshall’s acquires the historic Weaver Bologna Co., which opened in 1885. We have expanded the plant numerous times and it is now our largest production facility.

Our Dedicated Distribution Center


The company opens a dedicated Distribution Center and a state of the art R&D and Culinary Facility in Souderton, PA.


Godshall’s makes history by becoming an Employee-Owned Company (ESOP). Now all team members share in the success of the organization.


We continue to grow and have over 500 Employee-Owners producing Real Wood Smoked Bacon and Meat Delicacies loved by families worldwide.

Our Quality Serves Your Customers

Godshall’s Food Service team is comprised of some of the best PhDs, food scientists, chefs, product managers and data-driven marketers in the business with a customer service focus that gets results. From some of the world’s biggest food brands, national restaurant chains to start-up companies and leading universities, we’ve worked successfully with them to produce delightful category leading food.

What’s cookin’? Our R&D and Culinary Team are consistently working with on-trend concepts and new applications at our remarkable Innovation Center, which was completed in 2017. Our Innovation Center is USDA Certified and features a complete pilot plant equipped with Injectors, Grinders, Stuffers, Tumblers, Emulsifiers, Packaging Machines and Smokehouses – all in an effort to innovate what’s next in delicious.

To ensure wholesomeness and food safety, our on-site lab facilities are a hub of activity where we conduct microbiology, sensory and shelf life testing. The fully outfitted commercial and residential kitchen mimic meal preparation for both home and foodservice ensuring our customers consistently receive the best food possible.

Innovation Center

Innovation Center
  • We are able to make recipe adjustments quickly as sensory feedback is received.
  • Real-time microbiology and product quality testing capabilities.
  • Ability to quickly go from paper concepts to complete-small scale production
  • Shelf-life and packaging testing

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