Godshall's Turkey Bacon

Real Wood Smoked Meats Since 1945

Good wholesome food made the right way. That’s the Godshall’s way. We take our animal’s wellbeing seriously. Turkey with No Hormones, No MSG and No Cages.

Our flavor comes naturally because we work with only the best US farmers to make our high quality, great tasting protein products and smoke them with real wood, ensuring families get honestly good meat on their table.

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Our commitment to quality, freshness and good taste is a promise we make every day. Rest assured that no matter which delicacy you choose, our team of employee-owners are constantly striving to bring wholesome Real Wood Smoked Bacon to your family.

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Get ready to have your mouth water—these recipes will have your family cheering at the table morning, noon and night.

Our Green Initiatives

Our Green Initiatives

We’ll never stop going green or stop trying to protect the earth’s natural resources. Learn more about what Godshall’s is doing in the areas of solar, recycling, water reduction and clean burning natural gas.