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Presenting Godshall’s Angus Steak Bacon

A delicious take on two classics, we combined wholesome all-natural bacon with the savory indulgence of Angus Steak Bacon. Perfectly smoked and seasoned, our Angus Steak Bacon is only 40 calories per serving, making it a healthy and mouthwatering addition to any meal or snack. Easy to prepare and with 50% less fat than pork bacon, sharing the wealth of health and flavor with your family has never been easier.

Angus Steak Bacon 101

Delicious and healthy, here's how.

At Godshall's, we use premium cuts of lean, top-round U.S. raised Angus Steak Bacon which is different from traditional beef bacon.
Steak bacon cooks just like pork bacon. It can be easily pan fried, air fried, or baked, and complements a wide range of recipes.
Not only does our Angus Steak Bacon pack a punch with 6 grams of protein, it also has 0 carbs, and is gluten-free.

Seasoned with flavorful steakhouse spices, our Angus Steak Bacon is then smoked slowly over a blend of hardwoods to give it a rich, savory taste.

Our bacon uses all-natural ingredients. It's healthier than pork bacon, with 50% less fat and just 40 calories per serving.

Reasons to Love Angus Steak Bacon

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With Godshall’s Angus Steak Bacon, there’s no need to reserve a table, find parking, and part with a day’s wages to enjoy great steakhouse taste.
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Containing 50% less fat than regular pork bacon and just 40 calories per serving, our steak bacon is made from premium cuts of Angus beef—and flavored with real wood smoke.
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The delicious, savory flavor of Godshall’s Angus Steak Bacon goes with just about anything (wraps, salads, sandwiches, baked potatoes) and can be enjoyed anytime of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks).
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Because it’s gluten free, ketogenic friendly, and dairy free, our Angus Steak Bacon accommodates a wide range of dietary needs.

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