2023 Bacon-Wrapped: A Look Back at a Delicious Year

2023 has been the year to take on new chances, taste new foods, and test new recipes—and for a lot of folks, that’s inspired them to broaden their horizons beyond typical, traditional pork bacon. Turkey bacon and beef bacon, which both provide a lean, flavorful, and versatile alternative to pork bacon, have been having a moment over the past year, bringing tastiness and variety to household menus nationwide.

Looking back on the last 365 days, we’ve analyzed the clicks, queries, and conversations across Godshall’s platforms and channels to spot the biggest trends in gourmet bacon. You asked, we answered: here’s Godshall’s summary of 2023 wrapped (in bacon, of course).

1. Top Recipes for Bacon Lovers

Based on the most popular recipes for turkey bacon and beef bacon, it appears people have been keen to add these foolproof flavor boosters to their favorite meals in many different ways.

For turkey bacon, Turkey Bacon Chicken Salad, Turkey Bacon Breakfast Bites, and Turkey Bacon Creamy Carbonara took the top three spots. When it comes to beef bacon, Beef Bacon Wrapped Caesar Salad Bites, Beef Bacon Baked Beans, and Beef Bacon French Dip Sandwich were the winners.

2. Americans Are a Turkey Bacon Lunch Crowd

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? If you look at the top turkey bacon recipe searches—Turkey Bacon Breakfast Bites, Turkey Bacon Chicken Salad, and Turkey Bacon Creamy Carbonara—they make perfect dishes for morning, noon, and evening, respectively. 

So, which U.S. states prefer turkey bacon for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? When it comes to breakfast, New Yorkers come out on top. Dinner-wise, Floridians are the biggest turkey bacon diners. And almost everywhere else in the USA, lunchtime meals are the clear winner.

3. Florida Is All About Godshall’s Bacon

The Sunshine State is a haven for bacon lovers and deserves another special shout-out. Of all the U.S. states, Florida boasted the highest engagement with turkey bacon and beef bacon recipes, as well as cooking techniques.
In 2023, Floridians particularly enjoyed Godshall’s Beef Bacon Wrapped Caesar Salad Bites and Tropical Turkey Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, with both these recipes ranking in the state’s top 5.

4. Oven-Baked Bacon Comes Out On Top

Speaking of cooking techniques, there are a number of ways to prepare turkey and beef bacon besides the old frying pan—and this past year, everyone has been eager to master some new methods. So which ones were the most sought-after?

Bakin’ your bacon in the oven took the top spot, beating out the classic stovetop method by 8%. Interestingly enough, there seems to be more curiosity and a budding emergence around air fryers with this method taking third place. Finally, it’s safe to say that people aren’t taking shortcuts with their bacon prep anymore, as the interest in cooking bacon in the microwave lands at the bottom with 2% of searches.

5. Bacon Recipes by the Season

Did the time of year impact people’s recipe preferences? In wintertime, shareable snacks and delectable appetizers were the priority, with dishes like Tropical Turkey Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Top Bacon to the Tee! seeing a surge in popularity. These dishes are ideal for hosting holiday parties, and staying indoors with friends and family during the colder months. In summer, picnic-perfect meals like the Canadian Turkey Bacon Bagel Sandwich and the Turkey Bacon Breakfast Quesadilla dominated the rankings, showing a keen interest in healthy on-the-go handheld options.

Bonus: Hungry for Yurkey Backn?

You can’t screw up bacon—unless you’re typing it in a hurry. When tracking engagement, some 2023 queries were befuddling, bewildering, and downright entertaining. Here’s a roundup of the wackiest web searches related to turkey and beef bacon.

Oh, and also, a fair number of people asked, “Can you eat turkey bacon raw?” It may be smoked and cured, but the answer is an unequivocal no—and that’s true for all types of bacon!

That’s the year wrapped—in bacon. And there are plenty more recipes where those came from, so take them for a spin, and start 2024 with a bold new perspective on how you can use turkey bacon and beef bacon to make unforgettable meals that everyone will enjoy.