Your Guide to Creating the Best Charcuterie Board

Godshall's charcuterie board
Photo Credit: Godshall’s Quality Meats

Whether it’s for an evening with friends or a holiday get-together, a charcuterie board is every entertainer’s dream. Charcuterie boards are festive, beautiful, and provide the opportunity for a diversity of ingredients. They’re also so easy to assemble it feels like cheating—it will look like you put in a lot more effort than was actually required.

But what’s the secret to assembling a charcuterie board that’s not just a feast for the eyes, but is delicious enough to keep your guests coming back to pile their plates? 

Make it seasonal:

There’s nothing better than a themed charcuterie board for fall and winter celebrations. Their versatility gives you the chance to customize based on the event and the preferences of the loved ones you’ll share these special times with.

Make it surprising:

A charcuterie board is a blank canvas that awaits your creativity. Fruits provide sweetness, but some candied nuts can complement the salty in a new way. Or, add spiciness with red pepper flakes or a dollop of chili jelly on your soft cheese.

Make it irresistible:

Charcuterie means “pork-butcher shop”, so cured meats are a must—but not all cuts have to be cold. Turkey or Angus Steak Bacon can elevate your board with their warmth and mouth-watering aroma. Baguettes are best when they’re toasted, and cheese is tastier at room temperature—or in some cases, baked and oozy.

Check out the diagram below for some inspiration:

Planning a party? Then bring out the charcuterie board. With meats, cheeses, breads, and spreads, these fantastic assortments are pretty much guaranteed to include several of your guests’ favorite foods.

All the best—and most photogenic—charcuterie boards should feature the following:

charcuterie board

There’s never a bad time for a charcuterie board. Whether it’s the holiday season in the fall and winter, or picnic season in the spring and summer, these sharable, picturesque plates are always in style.