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How to Transform Leftover Ingredients Into 10 Delicious Go-to Meals

Have you got a fridge full of leftover ingredients from the week’s meals that you’re not sure what to do with?

Rather than reheating and rehashing the meals as they were in a futile attempt to restore them to their former delicious glory, there’s a way to enjoy using up your extras in creative ways. It’s more than just your taste buds that will reap the benefits. This cost-effective approach means you won’t have to buy more groceries to craft new dishes. It’s also a sustainable solution for a society that throws out way too much food, which is bad economically, environmentally, and ethically.

Those tasty bites need not go to waste when you use up the rest of the ingredients in your fridge by repurposing each into something completely different. And as it so often does, the addition of bacon can send this rejigged fare soaring into a protein-packed, savory stratosphere. Here are some examples of what to make with leftover ingredients to turn staple meals into irresistible breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. 

How to transform leftover ingredients into 10 delicious go-to meals - infographic

A delicious and simple repositioning of leftover ingredients can be one way we can tackle the significant problems that come from wasting food. By making the most of all the food you buy, you’re saving the environment, while also saving your time and energy—and your conscience. Discover more restaurant-worthy meals that you can make with some kitchen and pantry essentials, and a package of Godshall’s turkey or steak bacon.