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Cooking for One? Try These 7 Healthy Meals You Can Make in 30 Minutes

Solo cooks, we’re here to tell you that the joys of home cooking aren’t just for couples or families. It’s an amazing way to eat better, save money, and plan around your schedule. Sure, it can be initially challenging to get comfortable in the kitchen if you’re not already an experienced cook. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you’ll get up to speed.

How to Get Inspired to Cook for One

Ready for some new ideas? We’ve got you covered. Cooking is a chance for you to be creative and engage more mindfully with the food you eat. So let’s dig in and get you inspired, chef!

Search for easy-to-make recipes

There’s a seemingly endless list of recipes out there and it can often feel intimidating  to know where to start. But a quick search for “easy recipes” on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok and Godshall’s recipe page will turn up a variety of easy-to-make meals. Treat it like a cool treasure hunt and it’ll feel that much more rewarding when you find a recipe that suits your mood, schedule and taste buds.

Try new cuisines

From Mexico to Morocco to Malaysia, a world of enticing ethnic and national cuisines is out there to explore! But you don’t need to tackle complicated recipes right away. Start slow by picking one new recipe a week, perhaps from a new cuisine you’ve always been curious about, and try to master it.

Discover new ingredients

Higher-quality ingredients can be a game changer. Rather than settling for mass-market products, you can take a flavor-first approach that prioritizes wholesome artisanally-crafted foods. Quality ingredients can turn leftovers into a whole new meal, and adding quality spices and seasonings to the mix can also help elevate a meal or add a new twist to a regular staple.

The Benefits of Cooking For One

There are a ton of benefits that solo cooking offers. Here are some of the best!

Choosing your portion size

When you cook for a party of one, you determine your portion sizes. This means you can shop for single-serving meals or plan weekly meal prep. Not only does this help reduce food wastage, but it also makes organizing your meals for the week much more efficient. You’ll be amazed at how investing some time upfront into meal planning will pay off in the long run.

Cooking healthy

There’s no better way to eat healthily than by putting on the apron. Restaurant takeout is a treat, but having full control over cooking methods, as well as high-quality ingredients, means that, in your kitchen, you can prioritize preparing food that is as nutritious as it is delicious. Try air frying or steaming to dial back on added fats.

Saving money

 It pays to prepare your own meals. By shopping wisely and purchasing seasonally, you can make meals that are as tasty as they are affordable. You may be surprised at just how much you can save by shopping at your local grocery store. And by planning effectively, you can cut down on food wastage and maximize every penny you spend.


When you’ve taken the time to whip up a recipe you really enjoy, there’s nothing better than having leftovers on hand to enjoy the next day. Whether you’re short on time or simply not in the mood to cook, meal prepping is an efficient way to save you time and money while still providing healthy and tasty meals

Get A Meal On The Table In 30 Minutes Or Less

Here’s the truth: cooking doesn’t have to be a grand elaborate production. Cooking your own daily meals isn’t like preparing a banquet for a party of 20 on Thanksgiving. There are so many wonderfully nourishing, affordable and — most importantly — delicious meals that can be prepared in a mere 30 minutes, or even less. Take a look at some of our favorite quick and easy healthy meals that feature Godshall’s bounty of bacon.

Beef Bacon French Dip Sandwich

Any recipe that starts with Beef Bacon is bound to be a hit. This classic succulent sandwich is perfect for settling in to watch the big game. Pair it with a locally-brewed craft beer for perfection.

Beef Bacon in Orzo Pasta

One of the best aspects of beef bacon is its adaptability to so many styles of recipes. This meaty pasta dish is both oh-so-easy to prepare and or-zo-tasty. And, like many pasta dishes, it’s just as good—or even better—the next day.

Turkey Bacon Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is adored by all generations, and there’s no better way of taking it to the next level than with the savory pairing of avocado and smoky turkey bacon. It’s quick to make and supremely satisfying.

Beef Bacon Baked Beans

You’ll be very satisfied with this hearty take on a New England staple. And, as with many traditional bean stew dishes, the leftovers get tastier after a few days in the fridge. Pro tip: this recipe freezes very well if you’re thinking of meal prepping!

Creamy Turkey Bacon and Shrimp Bow Tie Pasta

Bacon and shrimp and parmesan, oh my! This twist on traditional surf ‘n’ turf brings together succulent shrimp and crunchy turkey bacon in a garlicky parmesan-rich cream sauce. You deserve this.

Canadian Turkey Bacon Eggs Benedict

Let’s talk turkey. This all-day breakfast favorite is lusciously creamy and satisfying. It’s the perfect balance of indulgent yet sensible that might just become your new favorite weekly staple.

Canadian Turkey Bacon Bagel Sandwich

Bacon, meet bagel. Crispy turkey bacon also adds big flavor and texture to this bagel-wich. It’s a great sandwich to enjoy on-the-go if you need to be out the door in a hurry.

Get Cooking

These recipes are a great way to help you get inspired, and you’ll soon discover more you’ll want to try. Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or deciding to try solo cooking again, preparing your own meals is a great way to save money and enjoy a healthier lifestyle while not compromising on flavor.