Popular Diet Trends of 2022 Explained

What does it really mean to eat a healthy diet? There are so many popular diets with fancy names, like keto, mediterranean, paleo, and flexitarian, and they all make different claims about nutrition. If you’re wondering about the difference between DASH and MIND, or whether intermittent fasting is really a good idea, check out our infographic for a quick guide to the popular diet trends of 2022, including the ones that doctors recommend.

Popular diet trends explained of 2022 infographic
Bird's eye view of woman eating soup, used on blog titled 5 Meal Ideas to Keep You Warm

5 Hearty Meal Ideas to Keep You Warm

Chilly days call for cozy food. No matter what your day looks like, here are five meal ideas to keep you feeling snug and nourished until warmer weather returns.