Unleash March Madness with the Best Bacon Nachos 

What could be better than spending almost three weeks obsessing over college basketball? And when your friends gather for the Final Four, get ready to serve them the world’s best bacon-loaded nachos. 

The great thing about this elite snack is that whether you’re a die-hard basketball aficionado or are just along for the March Madness ride, everyone can hop aboard the nachos bandwagon. Even if you’re unfamiliar with terms like “broken brackets”, “three pointers”, or “Euro stepping”, there’s one phrase that’s universally known: “Nachos are ready!” 

And while college basketball’s biggest tournament only happens every March, these nachos with bacon can wow a crowd of any size all year long. The drama of March Madness will feature triumphs and tragedies, but with this dish, everyone’s a winner.

So, let’s draw up a game plan to prepare you for the games ahead: 

Sometimes, the difference between a “good” team and a “great” one is just one ingredient. It’s the same for a trusty snack like a plate of nachos. 

With Godshall’s bacon, a dish that’s always been on the cusp of victory gets pushed over the edge. These bacon-loaded nachos will make you feel like a champion regardless of how your favorite school performs.