Meet Steak Bacon


Angus Steak Bacon FAQs

You’ve got steak bacon questions, and we’ve got the answers here. 

What is Angus Steak Bacon? 

Angus Steak Bacon is a new premium beef bacon exclusive to Godshall’s. We start with high-quality U.S. Raised Angus beef, then chop. form and season it with a blend of savoy steakhouse spices. It’s then slowly smoked using a real wood. The innovative ability to have full control of the fat content allows Godshall’s to create the perfect slice of steak bacon, every time.

Where is the steak bacon made?

Angus Steak Bacon is made on-site by Godshall’s in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, which has been producing smoked meats since 1885. Our delicious flavor comes naturally because we work with only the best US farmers to make our premium, great tasting bacon. For more information about our facilities and our team of PhDs, food scientists, chefs, product managers and data-driven marketers, click here.

How is the steak bacon flavored?

Like our other bacon products, Angus Steak Bacon gets its smoky flavor from using real hardwoods — not synthetic recreations. We add flavorful, all-natural steakhouse spices, so don’t be surprised if memories of the best steak dinner you’ve ever had come flooding back with each bite.

Is Angus Steak Bacon healthier than pork bacon?

With 50% less fat than pork bacon and just 40 calories per serving, Angus Steak Bacon is a healthier option for you and your family than traditional pork bacon. It’s gluten free, and there’s no MSG added, which makes it a widely accessible addition to any diet.

Does Angus Steak Bacon require special preparation?

No! You can cook our steak bacon the same way you’d cook your regular bacon. More detailed instructions for a variety of preparation options including pan frying, air frying, and baking Angus steak bacon can be found here.

Where can I purchase Angus Steak Bacon?

Our Angus Steak Bacon is available nationwide at a variety of supermarkets, club stores and Instacart. Use our store locator tool to find the one closest to you!

Turkey bacon, beef bacon, Angus Steak Bacon — what kind of bacon is Godshall’s going to create next?

You never know at Godshall’s! We’re always looking for delicious and innovative ways to make mouthwatering additions to your next meal or snack.