What Makes Godshall’s Turkey Bacon Different?

Turkey bacon may be growing in popularity, but you’d be surprised at how hard it can be to find brands that make it with real, whole, ethically-sourced turkey. Godshall’s is the exception in this regard. Here’s a look at why.

A lot of brands are lacking when it comes to turkey bacon. Not all producers work with select American farmers who raise their turkeys cage-free. It’s common for big name turkey bacon brands to inject their meat with artificial liquid smoke rather than smoking it for real. Bacon strips are formed from a mass of “mechanically separated meat”—which may or may not be turkey. And refined sugar, salt, and added “flavor” feature near the top of ingredients lists.

But at Godshall’s, we do things differently. Turkey bacon has been our speciality for generations, and we take pride in setting a gold standard.

Alternatives to pork bacon, such as turkey and steak bacon, are healthy, nutritious, and lower-fat options—but only if you go with a responsible and natural producer. That’s precisely what Godshall’s has been for over 75 years.

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