Classic Recipes That Taste Better with Turkey Bacon

Cooking a healthy, balanced meal for your family doesn’t mean cutting out their favorite foods. In fact, you can take a classic recipe and turn it into something new and exciting with just a few small changes. One way to do that is with the turkey bacon technique. Some comfort foods go heavy on conventional pork bacon, but that means lots of fat and salt. Yet real turkey bacon, made from whole cuts of meat, is not only high in protein, but also has less fat and salt, and it can be enjoyed at any time of day. Whether you use it as a substitute or an extra in your classic recipes, turkey bacon adds a little something special.


They’re not just for breakfast. When you put a savory twist on this classically sweet dish, waffles can be enjoyed during dinner time as well. Instead of dressing your waffles with fruit and syrup, try including chopped pieces of turkey bacon and a cheese like gruyere to the waffle batter, and dress with a gravy-based sauce. It’s a fun way to experiment, and it cuts down on excess sugar.

Make a BLT sandwich using turkey bacon

Club Sandwich

On the surface, this may seem basic—but it’s more like a template for building a super-sandwich. For a healthier alternative, try using a base of whole wheat bread, and instead of mayonnaise, slather it in spicy mustard or smashed avocado dressing.  To fill out the rest, swap out conventional pork bacon with ethically-raised turkey bacon, like Godshall’s real wood-smoked turkey bacon, for less fat and salt, but lots of flavor. Then add your choice of cheese and veggies, whether the traditional lettuce and tomato, or an innovation like spinach and roasted pepper. 


Use turkey bacon in a classic lasagna recipe
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A dinnertime favorite, lasagna, is usually layered with carbs, meat and cheese. In its traditional form it’s comforting, but not always the healthiest choice. With just a few easy changes you can turn lasagna into a meal you’ll feel good about serving to your family. If you want to cut some of the carbs, try using grilled zucchini in place of the noodles. Incorporate spinach and turkey bacon or ground turkey in place of beef for a version that’s free of red meat, and top it off with sheep’s milk ricotta or manchego cheese for variation. 

Brussels Sprouts

There’s no denying the nutritional value of brussels sprouts, but some people grew up hating them—probably because they only ate them boiled. But you can elevate this side dish with a few simple ingredients, and by baking them in the oven or frying them in an air fryer. Try frying them in butter until brown, then adding diced turkey bacon and sage, and roasting in the oven. You can include garlic, a superfood for your health, for a rich-tasting variation that’s good for you, too. Toss with spices like paprika to finish to your taste. And remember, you can always opt for heart-healthy olive oil instead of butter.

Make turkey bacon recipes like mac and cheese

Mac and Cheese

A favorite for many, mac and cheese is the ideal candidate for turning a classic dish into something extraordinary. Take your mac and cheese a little further by baking the dish after preparing the pasta and sauce on the stove. But before you stick the dish in the oven, add some chopped turkey bacon for lots of flavor without too much extra fat, and top it off with bread crumbs, seasoning, and a cheese like gruyere.   

Who says eating healthy has to be boring? Swap in or supplement with Godshall’s real wood-smoked turkey bacon to  make your family’s best-loved indulgences a little healthier—and every bit as tasty.

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