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    Kalki AvataraFood for Thought... For a more PEACEful World! WWII ended September 1945, UN established October 1945, and the Gospel of Thomas was discovered Dec1945!!! Some scientific proof, why so-called civilized human beings should become vegetarians! Carnivores (created meat-eaters by God) have claws, no skin pores, perspires through tongue, sharp front teeth, no flat molar, intestinal track 3 times body length, strong stomach hydrochloric acid, etc. HUMAN Beings have no claws, perspires through skin pores, no sharp front teeth, molars for grinding, intestinal tracks 12 times body length, 20 times weaker stomach acid than carnivores, etc. In addition, most herbivores have similar physiological comparisons as humans... Over 44 billion innocent beings are being killed yearly for food, worldwide... Be the Change you wish to see in this World!!!! It's okay to TALK the talk, but try WALKing the WALK... May God grants whatever is best for everyone!!!!

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