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Godshall’s Foodservice team is comprised of some of the best PhDs, food scientists, chefs, product managers and data-driven marketers in the business — all with a customer service focus that gets results. From some of the world’s biggest food brands and national restaurant chains, to startup companies and leading universities, we’ve worked successfully to produce delightful category leading food.

What’s cookin’? Our R&D and Culinary Team is consistently working with on-trend concepts and new applications at our remarkable Innovation Center, which was completed in 2017. Our Innovation Center is USDA Certified and features a complete pilot plant equipped with injectors, grinders, stuffers, tumblers, emulsifiers, packaging machines and smokehouses — all in an effort to innovate what’s next in delicious.

To ensure wholesomeness and food safety, our on-site lab facilities are a hub of activity where we conduct microbiology, sensory and shelf-life testing. The fully outfitted commercial and residential kitchen mimic meal preparation for both home and foodservice, ensuring our customers consistently receive the best food possible.

Innovation Center

  • Starting out with small projects before moving to full plant production
  • Ability to quickly go from paper concepts to complete-small scale production
  • Shelf-life and packaging testing
  • Sensory testing
  • Customer care area for sampling and preparing of finished goods
  • Collaborative meeting space for tasting and generating new ideas

The Godshall’s Difference


Godshall’s doesn’t just check the box ‘yes it’s bacon’—we deliver flavor that is rich in nutritional content using whole muscle U.S. Raised Turkey.


Product consistency and less shrink, fat content, has virtually no variation box to box.


Real natural smoke from burning wood chips gives smoke-depth with no bitter aftertaste from liquid smoke.