The Ultimate Bacon Pairing Guide

Both chefs and home cooks know the classic kitchen adage: Bacon goes well with everything. No matter the recipe, incorporating bacon adds delectable depth of flavor and rewards your culinary creativity.

And now there are so many types of bacon to increase food pairing possibilities. Turkey bacon and beef bacon enhance both sweet and savory recipes. Turkey bacon has a classic flavor profile—smoky and meaty, with a dash of saltiness—as well as a delectable lightness due to its lower fat content. And then there’s beef bacon, which still has all the umami magic of your typical bacon, but with a slightly fuller, more robust taste profile.

So, what ingredients pair best with turkey and beef bacon? This Godshall’s bacon pairing guide has the answers you need.

Feeling inspired to get creative with turkey bacon and beef bacon? Godshall’s natural wood-smoked turkey and beef bacon is all you need to get started. Find your perfect bacon pairing with these Godshall’s recipes from our pairing guide.

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