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8 Meal Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend That You Can Take Into Summer

The days are getting longer, the sound of lawnmowers has returned to neighborhood backyards, and homeowners everywhere are dusting off their grills and getting ready to fire them up. The Memorial Day holiday ushers in summer, giving us the chance to once again celebrate our nation’s heroes through parades, ceremonies, and gatherings with friends and family.

Whether you’re planning the menu for your Memorial Day BBQ or just looking for some easy, tasty summer meal ideas, look no further. We’ve got you covered with eight delicious Memorial Day meals, sides, and drinks that you’ll want to bring back all summer long.

1. Maple Turkey Bacon Bloody Mary

Start your Memorial Day BBQ off right with a Maple Turkey Bacon Bloody Mary. Spicy, salty, and with an invigorating kick of vodka, turkey bacon gives this classic drink a new twist, making you feel like summer will never end. They’re magical on their own, but also make ideal companions to a cooler full of your favorite beer. And they’re always a welcome addition to brunch the morning after—especially if that cooler got emptied.

2. Maple Bacon Jalapeño Poppers with Pimento Cheese

Zesty, melty, and meaty, Maple Bacon Jalapeño Poppers With Pimento Cheese make a fantastic snack or starter for any summer get-together. Jalapeño peppers are piped full of cheese, wrapped up tight in Godshall’s Maple Turkey Bacon, and grilled in a cast-iron pan, all while being basted with maple syrup and served with a refreshingly spicy cilantro crema for dipping.

3. BLT Corn Salad

While meaty mains and flavor-packed sides are undoubtedly the stars of any Memorial Day menu, it’s always nice to feature something green on the table, too. This BLT Corn Salad recipe combines peppery arugula, sweet corn, and cherry tomatoes with fresh basil and bacon. And by using Godshall’s Turkey Bacon, this supporting salad threatens to steal the show.

4. Bacon Cornbread

This Bacon Cornbread recipe recommends using turkey bacon or maple bacon—but with Godshall’s Maple Turkey Bacon, you can easily experience the best of both worlds. With a touch of sweetness mellowed out by savory bacon, this tasty recipe bakes in the oven, leaving the BBQ free for all your Memorial Day grilling needs. It’s a dish that’s simple to make ahead, so you can reheat it just before serving with a generous pat of butter on the side.

5. Turkey Bacon Chicken Salad

No Memorial Day gathering is complete without a classic chicken salad. Creamy and crunchy, this Turkey Bacon Chicken Salad recipe is a keeper, combining shredded cooked chicken and Godshall’s Turkey Bacon with celery, red onion, fresh dill, white wine vinegar and Greek yogurt. It’s one of our best-loved turkey bacon recipes. Guests can graze on a platter of this salad paired with crackers and cut veggies while the grillmaster is finishing up the main course.

6. Beef Bacon Cheeseburger

How do you make a cheeseburger even more American? By topping it with smoky beef bacon crafted from whole cuts of U.S. raised beef, of course. Your new go-to cheeseburger is this simple Beef Bacon Cheeseburger recipe. It’s portioned for two, but scales up easily to serve all the guests at your Memorial Day BBQ.

7. Keto Bacon Coleslaw

This recipe for Keto Bacon Coleslaw mixes up the classic cabbage, carrot, and scallion combo with the addition of finely sliced fennel and crispy slices of bacon, turkey bacon, or keto-friendly Godshall’s Beef Bacon. It’s a great option for guests who are eating a keto or low-carb diet, and also for those who just enjoy a side of stellar ‘slaw.

8. Beef Bacon Baked Beans

This hearty side dish of Beef Bacon Baked Beans is made with two types of beans, onion, and Godshall’s Beef Bacon in a deliciously sweet, vinegary sauce. It pairs beautifully with all your Memorial Day grilling options, from ribs to burgers to skewers. If you’re looking for new beef bacon recipes to experiment with, this is a safe and delicious place to start.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from Godshall’s

On Memorial Day, we gather together with friends and family to remember the brave American soldiers who died serving their country. As summer beckons, we honor their sacrifice and enjoy the company of our loved ones in an all-American tradition: the Memorial Day BBQ. Whether your menu involves turkey bacon recipes or classic summer grilling recipes, we wish you and yours a very happy Memorial Day weekend.

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