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Beloved Eagle Westbrook signs Godshall’s Endorsement


September 2020 - TELFORD, PA

Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame Running Back, Brian Westbrook has signed on for a series of ads and promotions with GQM Inc., the maker of Godshall’s Turkey Bacon.

Godshall’s President, Ron Godshall, expressed the company’s excitement “Mr. Westbrook is a natural fit for Godshall’s any way you look at it. His local, hometown image and enormous fan base were just the beginning for us. His second career as a farm owner is a perfect complement to Godshall’s fresh and wholesome products.”

The first round of ads were, in fact, shot on location at the two time Pro Bowler’s Farm. Video ads and radio commercials will be followed by in-store promotional items, Social media campaigns, print ads and contests to promote the real wood smoked turkey bacon brand. Westbrook has even agreed to make a guest appearance on the company’s weekly recipe program to showcase a favorite game day snack.

“This campaign is going to reach everyone in the region with media buys that will span radio, cable, print and some very exciting outdoor placements.” Godshall explains. “This partnership articulates our position as a great tasting part of a healthier lifestyle with Brian’s “Make the Switch” theme” which will be front and center through the football season into 2021".

Westbrook will promote the company's Classic Recipe, Uncured, Maple, and Fully Cooked Turkey Bacons.

For more info on Godshall's and Brian Westbrook's Partnership, visit www.godshalls.com/westbrook

Donation Eases The Strains of Pandemic


April 2020 - TELFORD, PA

The quiet of largely deserted rural roads was broken by two trucks, headed to a hub of activity. The loading bays at Godshall’s Quality Meats were filled with company trucks and trailers from a half dozen retailers. When the two unmarked trucks backed up to the doors, a stream of cases were loaded in on their way to Camden. This donation was headed to the Touch New Jersey food pantries and could not have been more timely.

Godshall’s donations provided breakfasts to people who haven’t eaten breakfast in weeks “Gerald Davis explains. Davis is Executive Director at Touch New Jersey Food Alliance, operating two food pantries in Camden and Pennsauken, New Jersey. Both facilities are in what’s classified as “Food Deserts”, areas without adequate nutrition available even in the best of times. Urban areas are often most effected by difficult situations, and the Covid-19 pandemic impacted New Jersey disproportionately. Scores of people found themselves without work and with many stores closed. “We’re seeing a lot of new people, folks who never expected to need our services, coming to us for the first time, up about thirty percent. The need is very real.”

Back in Telford, that need was answered. “We’re happy to help whenever we can.” Ron Godshall, President of Godshall’s Quality Meats stated. “We see it as our patriotic duty at this time to execute a three-point plan: Keep our family of employee owners safe, keep the great American food supply safe and flowing, and keep folks fed, especially in hard times.” Godshall’s has been succeeding on all fronts. Rigorous new standards of hand washing, sanitizing, protective gear and distancing are in force everywhere. Protective barriers were proactively installed and visors were commissioned early, now worn throughout the production area. Far from shuttered, Godshall’s is a blur of determined activity, adapted to a new reality, and purposeful in the goal of filling increased orders from retailers whose customers now prepare nearly all meals at home.

“But we saw opportunity in the inventory of food service items made available by the temporary closure of restaurants and food service institutions”. A call to Mr. Davis at Touch New Jersey put their intake crew in action, picking up the large donation and getting it to their pantries, which are open four hours a day to serve the needs of low-income, elderly, and disabled citizens. The haul of bacons and other smoked meats was distributed in just three hours.

“That’s a win-win” Godshall and Davis agreed.

Godshall's Clean Food Supply

Spring 2020 - Godshall's is here, working smart to maintain the food supply chain because, between binge watching and your hundredth board game, you're going to get hungry.

Godshall’s Announces Sugar Free Bacon


November 2019 - TELFORD, PA -

Godshall’s Quality Meats, renowned for healthier choice meat delicacies and real meat, real wood smoked turkey bacon in particular, has announced production of sugar free bacons.

The current offerings include pork bacon, beef bacon and turkey bacon, all of which are made without added sugar and carbs, while delivering the full, real wood smoked taste consumers crave.

For a company long dedicated to developing “better for you” delicious meats, a sugar free line is a logical progression. Keto dieting; which focuses of low or no carbs over intake of fat was the lifestyle that most fascinated Americans in 2018 (source: Google) and continued to attract more followers in 2019. Godshall’s sugar free line recipes are designed to be suitable for people pursuing this lifestyle.

“Between the Keto consumers and the folks who have sugar restricted regimens, we didn’t approach this as a niche, it’s a substantial constituency” says Godshall’s President Ron Godshall. “We invested in the R&D to perfect recipes that don’t employ sugar or artificial preservatives, but taste like the bacon they love!”

“Our pork and beef bacons are prepared and smoked from traditional cuts, but for all the taste and aggressively less fat, our Sugar Free Turkey Bacon delivers! Our real dark meat blend has 65% less fat than pork bacon. That adds up to a hearty, satisfying taste with a lot less of what may have kept many consumers from enjoying bacon”

All of Godshall’s Sugar Free line are also uncured and all-natural, containing only sea salt and celery powder to naturally preserve freshness.

Release on Deli Market News

Because You Love Them...And They Love BACON!

Revolutionary New Packaging for Bacon


New design highlights features of popular turkey bacon

TELFORD, PA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 -- Responding to consumer interest in cleaner label products, Godshall’s Quality Meats is rolling out new, easier to read packaging for their Turkey Bacon.

“Our bacon hasn’t changed, we’re still producing the same real meat, real wood smoked turkey bacon that wins over pork bacon lovers at first taste.” Says Godshall’s President Ron Godshall. “We just realized that traditional packaging wasn’t showcasing what’s been amazing about our product all along. Our Turkey Bacon has 80% less fat than pork bacon, that’s much less fat than most of our competitors, even among turkey bacons. We’re also featuring our bacon’s 6 grams of protein packed into each slice, a terrific way to check a box that so many consumers are looking for! The packages also highlight that Godshall’s uses real wood to smoke their bacon. ”When you take shortcuts with things like liquid smoke, you just lose something, and that’s a recipe point I just will not compromise on" Godshall expresses the pride of a family business.

“All our turkey bacons are gluten free and our Uncured Turkey Bacon is all natural, another feature our new format highlights.”

“My favorite feature of the new packaging is the slice view” Godshall explains, “the thing I’ve always hated about bacon was flipping over a dozen packs in the store, just to find the one with the most meat, that extra pink in the white; like every consumer, I don’t want to pay for the fat left in the pan. Our new package flips the stack and shows you the slice right out front, and 80% less fat means we’re almost bragging with that big meaty slice!”

“We’ve made the best turkey bacon since 1994, our new design just lets consumers see the great attributes the product has always offered. Sometimes you just have to turn things upside down to change the industry, we think this new format will do just that!”

Godshall’s new packaging is ready to hit consumer shelves this Labor Day.


Release also available on EIN Newswire

Godshall's Gives Back!


Top Image: We recently donated funds for the Weavertown Fire company's new 2019 Seagrave rescue engine. The Weavertown fire company was once housed at the location of our current Lebanon, PA plant until they outgrew this location about 25 years ago. Weavertown President Mike Michaels and Assistant Chief Brian Pelfrey with Godshall's employees.

Bottom Image: Godshall's employees present a check to Bryan Smith, Executive Director/Chief of Operations at the First Aid and Safety Patrol EMS. These funds will be used towards new equipment!

Godshall's Announces New President

February 5, 2019 - TELFORD, PA -

Godshall’s Quality Meats (GQM Inc.) announced the promotion of Ron Godshall to Company President. Godshall currently holds the position of COO and will continue those duties in addition to serving in the new role.

“Ron joined the company in 1984 as a part time employee, and I doubt there’s a job here he hasn’t done” explains Mark Godshall, whose new role as Chairman of the Board of Directors will allow him to spend more time traveling with his wife, Kendall. “Ron was with Godshall’s during our early farm market days and has been integral to our growth; reaching wider and wider audiences across the country, and now, internationally.”

The advantage of literally working up the ladder is that Godshall knows the products and procedures better than anyone. His eye for the future is grounded in a hands-on knowledge of what the company does best and what it can offer moving into the 21st century. Demonstrative of this edge is Ron’s supervision of the creation of Godshall’s state of the art Research and Development Center. An entire production facility in prototype scale, the R&D unit makes Godshall’s a nimble, responsive player, both in experimenting with the next innovative flavor product, and in incubating great private label and co-pack opportunities. All while keeping production lines at optimal productivity.

“I’d like us to offer the best of both worlds, superior freshness from ultra-modern production facilities and niche company attention to customer’s requirements and taste. Doing more, and doing it better than anyone, is how we aim to stay competitive.”

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