Mummer's Day 2019


Special Hosts Caseyboy and Jacky Bam Bam

What: Godshall's is putting together an amazing brunch for Mom (and the rest of the family; up to eight people). All of the brunch favorites like waffles, pancakes, eggs, fruits, biscuits, scrapple, sausages and of course BACON! But we're also going to have a bevy of surprises, including mimosas for Mom and something special from Godshall's own, Chef Samantha Cureton.

In addition to a lavish brunch, we've organized crafts for kids to make and present when Mom gets back from her tour of the museum.

And Dads, we even have flowers covered, cause we hate to think of you sleeping of the couch!

Where: The Mummers Museum 1100 S 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

When: 10:00am - 2:00pm Sunday May 12th (Mother's Day) 2019

Who: Mom and up to several additional family members and friends to join her!

More: A Moms-only tour of the museum by special hosts CaseyBoy and Jacky Bam Bam of WMMR, Mother's Day Roses, a special commemorative centerpiece and a cooler full of our products!

Question? email smedia@godshalls.com

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Comfort Food Fest 2019


We made Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates for WMGK's Comfort Food Fest 2019 at The Fillmore Philadelphia. The venue was packed with turkey bacon fans that loved our recipe. In case you missed it, check out the :60 second recipe video with Chef Samantha Cureton!

New Recipes for Black History Month & Valentine's Day


Chef Toni Ferrell from Philly Cakery and 3rd Place winner of Godshall's Food Truck Challenge is teaming up with us to create recipes using our real wood smoked bacon! She will be in out test kitchen creating recipes to honor Black History Month.

Godshall's own, Chef Samantha Cureton is also back creating Valentines Day recipes to share your loved one this February.

Watch the videos today on our YouTube or Facebook pages!

Godshall's Announces New President

February 5, 2019 - TELFORD, PA -

Godshall’s Quality Meats (GQM Inc.) announced the promotion of Ron Godshall to Company President. Godshall currently holds the position of COO and will continue those duties in addition to serving in the new role.

“Ron joined the company in 1984 as a part time employee, and I doubt there’s a job here he hasn’t done” explains Mark Godshall, whose new role as Chairman of the Board of Directors will allow him to spend more time traveling with his wife, Kendall. “Ron was with Godshall’s during our early farm market days and has been integral to our growth; reaching wider and wider audiences across the country, and now, internationally.”

The advantage of literally working up the ladder is that Godshall knows the products and procedures better than anyone. His eye for the future is grounded in a hands-on knowledge of what the company does best and what it can offer moving into the 21st century. Demonstrative of this edge is Ron’s supervision of the creation of Godshall’s state of the art Research and Development Center. An entire production facility in prototype scale, the R&D unit makes Godshall’s a nimble, responsive player, both in experimenting with the next innovative flavor product, and in incubating great private label and co-pack opportunities. All while keeping production lines at optimal productivity.

“I’d like us to offer the best of both worlds, superior freshness from ultra-modern production facilities and niche company attention to customer’s requirements and taste. Doing more, and doing it better than anyone, is how we aim to stay competitive.”

Fresh All Natural Meats from a Clean Room?

PR Newswire – TELFORD, PA. — Consumers increasingly demand food that threads a needle. Farm to table balanced with clean labels and long shelf life. Robust flavors; minimally processed in convenient packaging that’s environmentally friendly. Leveraging advanced technology without the image of “factory farming.”

That’s the scenario the Godshall’s team had in mind when they started thinking about technology; more specifically, clean rooms. Ron Godshall and his team of R&D and system design experts set about to bring the most modern applied science for cleanliness to the craft of making delicious, wholesome, all-natural meats.

The result is a deli slice line produced and packaged in an environment that offers an unprecedented freshness and care. Positive air pressure, filtered and purified, advanced pharmaceutical grade cleaning methods and a European inspired fresh seal package now deliver flavorful and hearty meats the way you would only have enjoyed before if you lived next door to the butcher.

“We all want the fresh, preservative free, all-natural meats our grandparents enjoyed. But the pace of modern life means we rarely shop every day, we want our purchases to stay fresh and flavorful in our refrigerators. We aren’t altering or adding to the meat, we’re advancing the conditions in which we prepare and pack it.” Explains Godshall.

The practical benefits are many. Drastic reduction of micro-count, longer shelf life of uncured products, a more vibrant flavor profile and longer freshness after opening. Ron will tell you, “Because school lunch packing is a Monday to Friday drill, parents want deli slices that stay fresh all week, as a dad, it’s a benefit I’m passionate about.”

The new line flavors are as exciting as the technology. Favorites like Honey Ham and Beef Pastrami are joined by adventurous choices like Rosemary Ham, Turkey Breast with Harissa marbling, Turkey or Beef Pastrami and basil seasoned Turkey Breast. Best of all, every one of these delicacies are all natural and uncured.