Real Meat Turkey Bacon VS MST "Bacon".

pinkslimeThere are big differences in brands of Turkey Bacon and, luckily for consumers, they're plain to see. Many of the biggest brands of so-called turkey bacon are mass produced from "mechanically separated turkey". This produces a material formed and colored resemble bacon. One look at Godshall's Real Meat Turkey Bacon shows the difference. It looks like meat because it is turkey thigh meat. It also smells like bacon because Godshall's is real wood smoked, not pumped up with chemical flavors…go ahead, look at our ingredients panel, we promise it's a real quick read!

  • Fresh All Natural Meats from a Clean Room?

    PR Newswire – TELFORD, PA., May 7, 2018 — Consumers increasingly demand food that threads a needle. Farm to table balanced with clean labels and long shelf life. Robust flavors; minimally processed in convenient packaging that’s environmentally friendly. Leveraging advanced technology without the image of “factory farming.”

    That’s the scenario the Godshall’s team had in mind when they started thinking about technology; more specifically, clean rooms. Ron Godshall and his team of R&D and system design experts set about to bring the most modern applied science for cleanliness to the craft of making delicious, wholesome, all-natural meats.

    The result is a deli slice line produced and packaged in an environment that offers an unprecedented freshness and care. Positive air pressure, filtered and purified, advanced pharmaceutical grade cleaning methods and a European inspired fresh seal package now deliver flavorful and hearty meats the way you would only have enjoyed before if you lived next door to the butcher.

    “We all want the fresh, preservative free, all-natural meats our grandparents enjoyed. But the pace of modern life means we rarely shop every day, we want our purchases to stay fresh and flavorful in our…

  • GQM announces new R&D Center; Hub of Innovations for Industry Leader

    PR Newswire – Godshall’s Quality Meats announced the activation of their 7,500-square foot Research and Development Center. “Everything in this building is our leap into the future of feeding folks around the world,” declares COO Ron Godshall.

    Lead Food Scientist Reshani Senevirathne explains, “This facility is equipped with everything to make directly scalable new products. Its where we innovate incremental changes; things that improve quality, taste and shelf life of existing products. Equally important but maybe more exciting is the numerous transformational innovations; new products and flavors that respond to trends in consumer demand. Our goal is to be a leader in the process meat industry precisely by focusing on minimal processing and ‘clean label’, a simpler ingredient deck that’s all natural.”

    “Godshall’s success can be attributed to a lot of things, but none more than our determination to stay ahead of the curve on that intersection of healthier options and sensational taste; we just don’t do bland!” Godshall elaborates, “This entire building is an assertion of our growth objectives. From the lab to the test kitchen, it’s all about What’s Next, and our commitment to be lead it, not with…

  • Independent Processor Cover Story – August 2017

    2017 Independent Processor of the Year: Godshall’s Quality Meats is taking steps to ensure its future is as successful as its present. Visit the historical district of Philadelphia, and it’s not uncommon to see tourists and business people walking down the same streets as re-enactors dressed in colonial garb. In the Pennsylvania Dutch region, latemodel cars and trucks often share the roads with Amish horses and buggies. It’s fitting for the past and present to mix in an area that’s steeped in as much history as Pennsylvania. Godshall’s Quality Meats is an important part of the region’s meat-processing history. The company has been family owned and operated since 1945, and some of its brands date back to the 1800s. Inside its facilities in Telford and Lebanon, Pa., however, there is no room for dwelling on the past. With state-of-the-art ovens, smokehouses and other processing equipment, Godshall’s is working hard to sustain the growth that has transformed it from a small meat seller to a regional powerhouse with more than $100 million in annual sales. With investments into sustainability and new construction projects, the company’s management is ensuring its future is just…

  • Godshall’s Goes All Natural, Holds Line on Price

    “People want to serve their family natural products, but the jump in price is usually a real pinch on the budget. Plain and simple, I didn’t want to accept that” And at Godshall’s Quality Meats, President Mark Godshall was in a position to change it. Godshall’s, which started as a local butcher shop in 1945, has grown to an international provisioner with its values intact. Its branded and private label products are on tables coast to coast and feature real meat, real wood smoked turkey bacon.

    “We made a commitment and the strategic purchases to back it up” explains new COO, Ron Godshall. “That scale was one of the reasons we are able to make our Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon all natural and hold the cost. Innovation is in our blood, as is a refusal to accept prevailing thought when we know we can do better. Decades ago, we didn’t accept that turkey bacon was an inferior tasting product, and developed a recipe that customers tell us is the turkey bacon that pork bacon consumers love. Here, we decided not to follow the orthodoxy of splitting off an all-natural…

  • From Local Butchers to Independent Processor of the Year

    Godshall’s Quality Meats has been awarded the title of Independent Processor of the Year for 2017 by an industry standard publication, The National Provisioner, and will be featured as the cover story on its supplement, Independent Processor this August. The award recognizes the best in American producers of meat and poultry.

    Godshall’s was founded in 1945 and has been a family business for over 70 years. From its beginnings as the “Mill Road Butcher”, Godshall’s has grown to an international supplier of meat delicacies; proudly at the center of American families’ plates from coast to coast. Godshall’s produces a wide variety of products with healthier proteins and recipes as a specialty in both branded and private label offerings.

    “We couldn’t be more excited,” Mark Godshall CEO explained, “This is an honor. We’re humbled that the editors thought that what makes us different, makes us worthy of this title.” Some of those differences include the company’s fields of over 4,000 solar modules, their exemplary record of cleanliness, an aggressive “zero landfill” recycling policy, and, most recently, Godshall’s announced program to become an employee owned company. Asked about his decision to make…

  • Godshall’s, A Bacon Leader, To Become Employee Owned

    Godshall’s Quality Meats Inc. has announced plans to convert to an employee owned company. The owners, Mark Godshall, Floyd Kratz, and Ron Godshall took this extraordinary step to ensure that the company remains independent and maintains its unique culture. “It seemed like the next step in our philosophy of treating our employees like family,” Mark Godshall explained. “I don’t think we could hope for a more dedicated, hard working team…real problem solvers. As Ron, Floyd and I looked forward, we wanted to be prepared for the future, one in which folks didn’t have to worry about ownership by a competitor or outside investors, freeing them to do what they do best.”

    “We’re also making every employee an entrepreneur of sorts,” Ron Godshall told us. “When it’s yours, you do care just a little more, and employees really will benefit from their company’s success.” Ron, the current VP of Manufacturing, started in 1984 making boxes and washing up the facility. “There’s no ivory tower here, regardless of your last name, and as we’ve grown, we make sure our values and the way we treat people…